Tevaga no longer with program

Offensive lineman Sonny Tevaga is no longer with the program. I am told it is an academic issue, and he will not be with the team in the fall.
Here is a release from UCLA about other things (including UCLA’s first acknowledgment of E.J. Woods not being with the program any longer):

Safety E.J. Woods and offensive lineman Sonny Tevaga are no longer members of the football team. Woods plans to transfer to a local junior college. Tevaga is exploring his options.


UCLA alumnus Troy Aikman will be throwing out the first pitch at this afternoon’s Padres home game at PetCo Park in San Diego. Aikman is a part-owner of the team.


Concordia College of California will be the men’s basketball team’s first exhibition opponent this season. The Bruins will host Concordia on Wed., Nov. 4. The exhibition game with Humboldt State will now be played on Tues., Nov. 10.

*** is currently running a series on the top football coaches in Pac-10 history. Several of UCLA’s head coaches are on the list, including No. 27 Pepper Rodgers, No. 24 Rick Neuheisel, No. 21 Bob Toledo, No. 19 Dick Vermeil, No. 5 Terry Donahue and No. 4 Tommy Prothro. The top three selections have not yet been announced. To view the series, go to:

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  • lavsmousse

    No surprise or loss to the program.

  • so west Coast

    well at least it’s the end of another ongoing saga

  • Anonymous

    Where’s the link, Brian?

  • Blueblood

    Last Item: We all know who the top football coach is in Pac-10 History. No surprises there.

  • King Taco

    Well, well, well. The guillotine has fallen again in order to make room for new recruits. There appears to be a lot of dead weight on the O-Line and at QB. Heck, a lot of dead weight on the Offensive side of the ball.

    Good luck to Sonny. His brother was a good O-lineman for UCLA opening up big holes for Mo Drew. Too bad Sonny didn’t work out for the team.

  • calbruins5

    good! he sucked and pretty rude when talking to him.

  • bruinbiochem06

    He couldn’t lose the weight and didn’t have the drive. Maybe it’s for the best…

  • Johnny Angel

    Brian or anyone with the info,

    Do you have any info on Concordia College of California? I did a search on the net and could only find the now defunct California Concordia College. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    re: Concordia – It’s probably the small (NAIA, not even NCAA) private (Lutheran) school in Irvine. Howland likes creampuffs.

  • BruinFaithful

    WOW. We stick with this kid after his legal transgressions and this is how he repays us? Because he couldn’t wait for his chance? Good riddance. If he gets stuck in JC limbo, I’m sure Walker will gladly take him.

  • Anonymous

    To Johnny Angel and Anonymous 12:36

    Just remember that the basketball game against Concordia is only an EXHIBITION GAME. UCLA and ALL OTHER DIVISION I TEAMS are NOT allowed to schedule a Division I opponent for the warm-up exhibition games, but they are allowed to schedule Division II, Division III and NAIA teams for the exhibition games.

  • Finally

    Concordia (Concordia Christ of Irvine) is an NAIA school that plays in the GSAC (best conference by far in the NAIA) along with locals like Azusa Pacific, Biola, Vanguard, Master’s, Cal Baptist (Jim Saia is at Fresno Pacific, also in GSAC). CCI won a men’s BB championship a few years back.

  • Anonymous

    some of you bruins are just plain mean.

  • Bruins095

    Sonny was never anywhere close to his broher talent wise. He always seemed too heavy and just couldn’t make the cut. Good riddance to Woods, bruins just don’t need these type of kids in the program and the negative press.

  • Johnny Angel

    Thanks to all who responded regarding CC of California but in checking the net the school in Irvine is Concordia University.

  • CalGirl

    I’m baaaaaaack!!! Hiya Teddies!!! Did ya miss me??? =) =) =)
    Great news by the way!!! I’ll be seeing all of your lovely faces on October 17th, three days after my birthday!!! My Bears have promised to honor my B-Day by putting a special whoopin’ on yall’s pathetic football team!!! Since you keep getting rid of all of your decent players, it’s going to be sooo EASY to deliver the smackdown you wannabes deserve!!! Hehehe!!! =) =) =) See you all on January 1, because WE will be playing in the Rose Bowl Game, not you OR the trOJies!!!
    On that note, I wonder what the trOJies are up to??? Hmmm… I’ll be looking into that. =) =) =)

  • brewnz

    Has the People’s Republic of Kal even won a Pac 10 title before? Do your komrades even care? You gotta work your way up to the grand prize. You seem slightly misinformed about the players UCLA is losing…save Brandon Warner, most are leaving because they aren’t on the depth chart and now other players have been brought in to further them from their goals of starting. UCLA needed the space for all of the incoming recruits, and these guys need their opportunities to play. I’m looking forward to meeting up with you Berzerkleyans and ruining your birthday.