Drew Gordon’s health

Forgot to mention this last week but when I was at UCLA’s advanced skills hoops camp, Bruins center Drew Gordon was there. He was resting his injured knee, but the pain wasn’t that great since I did see him dunk the ball.

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  • EJ

    Good to hear…question is did you see Bobo (Morgan) at the camp and how did he look?

  • Javy

    That sounds like a good sign. He is still young so its positive to see how fast he can heal.

    Brian, will he attempt to play in any other leagues?
    Is he limping at all?

    And, If Ben Howland was approached to coach say… USA U-19 ball, do you think he would do it?

  • La Femme Bruin

    That is reassuring. I look forward to seeing him block some shots next year. Thanks for the update.

  • Anonymous

    No, Howland would never do it!

  • Anonymous

    2 notes since the 3rd dohn?!? come on, im bored out of my mind at work. at least gimme an update on branden warner or something!!!