Warner and New Mexico State

Received word that Compton College defensive tackle Branden Warner, who originally committed to UCLA, is at New Mexico State and ready to enroll in summer school.
Hopefully, that puts an end to this ever-twisting story.

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  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    Thank God you blogged SOMETHING, Brian! The web has been DOMINATED with MJ Memorial Service updates! (Parenthetically, do you think Mariah was a bit ‘underdressed’ for the event?)

    ON TO THE SUBSTANCE: Good luck, Branden. We won’t look back, anymore. No more, ‘What could have been?’

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    ” . . .ready to enroll . . .”


  • UCLA Scholar

    Good luck to Warner kid. Hope he finds his place in New Mexico.

    Also, please pray for the soul of Michael Jackson on this very solemn day. Its a beautiful and befitting memorial service. May Michael finally rest in peace.

  • rejn

    I thought this story was put to rest weeks ago when it was announced by Warner that he was NOT going to UCLA and instead going to New Mexico State.

    Who was keeping it “alive” and why, Brian, did you even mention it today? It seems to me that you’re just as guilty as the others for keeping this alive.

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    Geez! Brian reported it because most of the blogsters here were infatuated with Warner. He just closed the loop!

    As for Jackson — Too late to pray for his soul. And, even if post-mortem prayer did some good, why is it needed? I thought Jackson was a superb human beaing. At least that is what one would think in looking at all the adoration for the “King.” Like us all, Jackson will need to account for his life. All of the fame, riches and adoration do him no good now!

  • Coach Thom

    Glad to see Coach Walker has landed a top recruit for his program. I’m sure Warner will add much needed credibility to this underperforming, somewhat embarrassing football team. Hopefully, Coach Walker will be able to build on this situation and turn the football program around.

  • Anonymous

    With Walker coaching him he may actually have a better shot at making the NFL than if he had stayed with UCLA.

    Good luck to him.


    I echo Coach Thom’s sentiments. I am glad to see Coach Walker has landed a top recruit for his program at New Mexico State.

    Let me just say in a few short words that after listening to the many rants of Bruins Fans on the left attack the kid and his character for 4 straight months on this blog I learned that their caterwauling and capon capering should be ignored because it is insubstantial and emotion based. It is never performed for any purpose aside from political and athletic advantage. Look to their acceptance of certain athletes who have acted questionably (EJ Woods and Joey Fauria) but are still accepted as Messiahs of the UCLA Football Programme.

    I lack the omniscience of the Bruin Leftist dregs about Brandon Warner’s future and his real reasons for transferring to New Mexico State, but I knew that Coach Walker was a very competent, truthful, and accomplished coach when he ran the Defense for UCLA and now the Head Coach position at New Mexico State and I have been justified at every benchmark as he has more than fulfilled my expectations.

    So, I guess it is all a matter of time to completely prove Bruins Fans’ words on this blog as the standard illogical rants of the left but it won’t matter to them because they will already moved on to some other novel matter like blaming the UCLA Admissions office for losing out on another recruit.

    As an realted aside, I also agree with Anony 3:50 p.m. that Warner has a better chance of reaching the NFL under the tutelage of Sir Walker.


  • spedjones

    yeeesss, this blog is slow lately.

  • Anonymous

    wow, i totally 100% agree with UB’s comments on Michael Jackson. whoa.

  • Jewin

    Brian, what’s up with the sporadic posts? Slow news days, or do you already have one foot out the door for your vacation? By the way, when will you be returning from that vacation? The last time you left was brutal.

  • Juan El Guey

    I no understand Lawyer Juan. His post sounds like a Sarah Palin resignation speech. Ay Guey….

  • Anonymous

    So why hasn’t anyone put out the reasons Joseph Faurina was kicked out of Notre Dame, is it that bad?

  • Anonymous

    wow, i totally 100% agree with UB’s comments on Michael Jackson. whoa.

  • legal eagle

    Best of luck to Warner and Coach Walker

    P.S. Attention $C lackeys, legal counsel is still needed for allegations surrounding $C football and basketball.

  • bruinbiochem06

    “ready to enroll”… tell us when he IS enrolled.

  • nyc bruin

    Is there an “ignore button” we can have installed for Lawyer John?

    His “subtle” attempts to stir the pot for the pure purpose of getting a rise out of Bruin fans devalues the blog and the great work that Dohn does.

    He can continue to post as is his right but with an ignore button we don’t have to see him.

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    nyc bruins —

    Do what I do. When I see a post by LAWYER JOHN, I just skip the text and go to the next post. I will never again respond to anything that moron posts. If we all do the same, then LJ becomes effectually irrelevant in addition to already being actually irrelevant.

    (Now watch LJ try to post something, sometime, somewhere in an attempt to get me to respond.)


    You guys should read LJ’s work on Wolf’s blog. He talks about dreams he had about receivers going over the middle.

    Anyone notice that Dohn always gets 120 questions for Q&A, and breaks them up into 12-15 posts? Wolf gets 12 questions and breaks them up into 10 posts.


    Do not fear the intellectual candelpower of LAWYER JOHN or of any others. The fear is a sign of weakness.

    I had a dream recently about going over the middle for a pass and feeling fear of the head-hunter defensive backs. This is a dangerous position. Injuries happen frequently.

    I say, you cannot have enough good receivers.


  • UCLA9404

    More like LONELY JOHN.
    Get a life.

  • Anonymous

    Lawyer John is no more a Trojan than VB is a Bruin.

  • Anonymous

    BURN! lol