Josh Smith update (BB)

I talked to the dad of Kentwood (Wash.) High center Josh Smith today, and he said his son was “going to make a decision in early August” as to where he will attend college.
Sources continue to say UCLA and Washington are the two leaders.

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  • Anonymous


    One post a day and no Q&A what gives? MJ will be ok. I hope that’s not why your not writing stories? We want info on Howlands recruiting.


  • spedjones

    this would be a good thing, but I’m so tired of the one-and-done guys that I almost don’t care.

  • Yoda

    eric battle this is.

    Romar vs Howland, like Vader vs Luke Skywalker is.

    the future of the galaxy, in the balance hangs.

    begun, the Smith Wars have.

  • Anonymous

    yoda u meant “epic” lol

    well, as long as howland knows ahead of time that a player is one-and-done, then he can adjust his recruiting appropriately, so no worries. id much rather have him playing here than in washington against us.

  • Anonymous

    people forget that by tme his freshman year is done the rule might be changed

  • Mutombo

    Please please please please come to UCLA!