Bruins land safety

UCLA received a non-binding oral commitment from safety Tony Jefferson of Eastlake High of Chula Vista. I will have more later.

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    Nice. Those of you enamored with stars will be excited. Anyone reading the Rivals count down of the top recruits over the last 7 years to be ranked in the top 100? Interesting that a fair amount of these guys are never heard from again. Solid get!

  • Vin

    Or those enamored with offers – did you see the list of schools interested in this kid … ?!

  • pr

    Leave Dohn alone – You know he was having a few adult beverages and enjoying the Chelsea/Inter Milan friendly. Thanks for the update.

  • lavsmousse

    Where are all those whiners and worriers that were posting before about the lack and quality of Neu’s current recruiting class now?

  • Anonymous

    Still waiting to hear from you Bruin Faithless…..

  • spedjones

    It’s a good get, but let’s keep things in perspective at this early stage. We need several more Jeffersons before this class is worth celebrating. It ONLY happens with a solid season on the field. Until then, UCLA will remain second choice in SoCal.

  • Anonymous

    It’s really funny how you Bruins get so excited about your first top 100 commitment. This kid needs to change his mind before he bruins his life.

  • BruinFaithful


    Exactly, one 4 Star Safety, a low 4 star at that, out of a safety laden class, does not an Elite well rounded class make. We need Elite talent, not just Stars.

    How many more Safeties will we take Brian? 4? more? Would we take 2 more out of Parker, Flowers, and Riley?

  • Nice pick up for the Bruins. Let’s get some more!!

  • MaltBaa

    on a side note, rivals has nottingham as a four star now. whatever, but i looks good.

  • BruinFaithful


    Are we bringing this guy in as a LB or S? He would have some speed for a LB.

    We need to keep picking up speedy athletic type players. Still waiting for that splashy recruit. Hopefully we can pick one up soon.

  • mike chat

    he is one of the best athletes in this recruiting class. Rivals has him #4 at his position. Great pickup and a solid kid to boot.

  • bbruin

    This kid is a good get. He is likely a SS although versatile. The other kid from Michigan is more likely to play OLB, but again is versatile (and now has gotten his 4th star if counting). The staff seems to be doing a good job evaluating talent so far. Hope they can play.