UCLA vs. Duke?

Not hoops, but football. Here is what Duke coach David Cutcliffe said about a possible gridiron matchup between the two basketball-first schools.
“We are working on something with UCLA,” Cutcliffe said.
But I talked to someone at UCLA, and was told it wasn’t an in-depth discussion yet.

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  • bruinmanny

    Brian , are you going to have Q and A next week ? It’s pretty boring out here .

  • Jewin

    Good question, bruinmanny.

  • Brian Dohn

    Perhaps next week. Not ready to commit to it 100 percent.

  • MaltBaa

    we should slow play dohn on this weeks q @ a

  • Anonymous

    Is the football staff actually actively searching for the most boring games possible or are they coming to us.

  • Anon

    I think Dohn is saying that he is “still absolutely and completely committed” to the Q&A but is just checking out his other options because he may have committed to soon.

  • Dex

    Dohn, did you know there’s a place called Philly’s Best out in Pasadena/Burbank/Glendale that has Taylor ham? Thought I’d give you a heads up

  • bruincheerleader

    FOR GOODNESS SAKE!…it’s only July, the middle of Summer…give the man some peace…there are no more interesting tidbits right now except what Brian is already giving us…jeez…

  • rejn

    No, I think Brian Dohn is fed up with all the gargage and headaches of spending hours answering nonsense questions from some of the knuckleheads.

    Brian, I’m surprised you lasted this long… Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.

  • Anonymous

    forget giving the man some peace… hes had plenty of time off and plenty of slow weeks. i get more info from some of the players twitters than i do from here these days.

  • Larry

    YAWN…. WOW… and I thought the Rutgers game was a boring match up (sorry Dohn). This one is much much much worse.

  • Anonymous

    Philly’s Best is also out in Buena Park. If you’re ever in the area, I’d be happy to buy you one, although personally, I think the food is over-rated.

  • BruinFaithful


    Is that why we’ve had 7 verbal commitments in the last month? Yeah, I guess nothing happened on the middle of summer.

    Pleanty of stories there.

    I think Brian is burning out.

  • maui13

    Duke??? How about a home and home against Penn State. I would love to visit Happy Valley.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not surprised it’s football and not hoops because Howland wouldn’t schedule Duke.

  • Ryan

    so… what’s the deal with Josh Smith’s transfer? Haven’t heard much lately Dohn.

  • Anonymous

    No fun, he’s not even inside of UCLA yet …
    “UCLA baseball signee Trayce Thompson, a 6-foot-4 outfielder from Ladera Ranch, Calif. (Santa Margarita HS), has agreed to terms with the Chicago White Sox. Selected in the second round (61st overall) of the 2009 MLB Draft by Chicago, Thompson will not play baseball at UCLA. “

  • Ryan

    is e.j. woods planning on going to asu? I lurked on his facebook and it has a picture of the ASU insignia with “my new home” written under it…

  • Thomas Soteros-McNamara

    I don’t know what they are smoking at the Athletic Department, Brian. Other than Texas and Nebraska…I don’t see any games that make me want to get season tickets.

    What really floors me is that obviously UCLA will get a lot of visibility if a powerhouse team (or even one in a rich recruiting area) comes to the Rose Bowl.

    But instead, come 2015 we are playing over half of our nonconference schedule against teams from…Nevada?

  • pr

    Sounds like Ben Howland is doing the scheduling for football. Schedule a bunch of cream puffs that way you get ready for Pac 10 play.

  • Anonymous

    pr, do you mean like some SEC football teams schedule a bunch of cream puffs along with their conference teams? FLA, eg, has Charleston Southern, Troy, and Florida International among their nonconf opponents.

  • Joe B.Ruin

    This only makes sense if we are recruiting in the North Carolina region, or if UCLA has a large fan base there (which is the case for Rutgers), which of course is not the case. However, I’m only ok with it if the basketball team schedules Duke, but I highly doubt it since Howland likes playing cream puffs (recent Texas, and Kansas next year only has to do with PAC-10 and Big 12 arrangements, and UCLA).

    UCLA should stick with teams in the West, Southwest, Texas, and Oklahoma. I would even understand if they would schedule a game against SMU because after about 3 years June Jones will make them much better, and Texas is recruiting region for the Bruins.

  • Anonymous

    brian was quite active this time last year…

  • Anonymous

    Brian do you know when Joshua Smith is gonna announce his decision?


    Uh, is not being a UCLA fan enough to want you to buy season tickets. The opponent should not be an issue. If you are a UCLA, it shouldn’t matter if they are playing Notre Dame or Mt. SAC.

  • Anonymous

    5DOLLAR knows what he’s talking about.
    See you at the Rose Bowl! We are at the sunny side at section 1 with the young alumni.

  • Anonymous

    Good to see UCLA players helping the national team win games.

  • Anonymous

    i agree with 5DOLLAR(FOOTLOOOOOOONG!)
    season tickets! shade side, see you there buddy!