Walker and Carroll together again

The close relationship between USC coach Pete Carroll and DeWayne Walker became a bit frigid when Walker spent three years as UCLA’s defensive coordinator, but things changed again after Walker was named New Mexico State’s head coach.
Now, Walker is trying to learn a bit from Carroll. The two met recently to discuss what changes need to be made to build New Mexico State into a winning program, with Carroll offering his insights in each aspect of the program.

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    To make your program a winner, it takes lots of $ to buy the homes of parents – a great relationship with the NCAA so they’ll look the other way – and an arrogant to coach to direct the freak show. Yep, sounds like SUC alright.

  • Anonymous

    A classy move by Pete Carroll to make amends and help out an old assistant.

  • mike chat

    also, have your 2 main competitors hire dopey coaches and run their programs into the ground at the same time you are building yours.

  • Anonymous

    Ok so obviously Charlie Weis is one of those dopes. Who could the other be?

  • Anonymous

    “HAVE your 2 main competitors hire dopey coaches”

    I’m not sure what that means. As far as I know, Pete Carroll doesn’t have a say in who is hired by Dan Guerrero and/or whoever is Notre Dame’s Athletic Director.

  • BruinFaithful

    What a different world it might have been had our Chancellor listened to Guerrero and hired Riley instead of Duhrrell.

  • Bored

    This was posted last week on Wolfs blog. Isn’t there anything happening on UCLA’s campus besides this story? I hope your not burning out. We need your story breaking excitement back.

  • Terry

    If the NCAA approaches you about possible violations deny it.

  • Coach Thom

    Coach Walker has a mountain to climb in Las Cruces, the least of which is a virulent Redneck attitude exhibited by some of the local fan base. I’m sure Coach has also tugged the earlobes of Rick, Norm, and many other of his coaching colleagues. Coach is willing to listen and learn from other successful coaches, which is an admirable character trait. He is a humble, dedicated, and fiercely competitive man who will bring a much needed winning mindset to the NMS sagging program. Go, Coach! We’re all behind you.

  • mike chat

    actually 3
    Washington hired Willingham
    Notre Dame hired Willingham
    UCLA hired Duhrell

    UCLA and Wash have been the #2 and #3 programs in the Pac 10 over the alst 50 years or so.

    Notre Dame lost by 30 points 5 times under Willingham, over the previous 40 years they had lost by 30 only 4 times.

    These 3 programs have been top notch programs over the last 50 years amd USC’s main competitors. There is no reason for these programs to stay bad. It will make it much tougher for SUC to stay where they are when these progrmas come back to their winning ways.

  • Fan4Life

    Notre Dame has lost by 30 or more 4 times under Weis. So, his name could be added to the list.

    ND also been shut out 3 times in the last two years. And during one painful stretch in 2007, they lost by 13 to BC, 38 to SC, 2 to Navy, and 17 to Air Force, all at Sound Bend.

  • Anonymous

    I hate to get real but Washington’s downfall shouldn’t be blamed on Willingham, he was left with the mess Neu started.


    we should have made him the head coach defense wins championships…..or payed him more…hope he comes back some how…but don’t take advice form cheaty…only care for myself petey!

  • Anonymous

    Walker, for lack of a better word is classier than Neuheisel but Neu is probably a better overall recruiter (not that Walker isn’t a good recruiter).

    But if you want to take recruiting out of the equation and go purely on coaching, well I think UCLA has one of the most talented coaches in the college game.
    That coach being Norm Chow.
    Unfortunately, the Bruins aren’t going to be able to afford him in a few years either after Chow’s Tennessee paycheck stops coming.