No Maka

Freshman linebacker Taniela Maka of Long Beach Jordan will not enroll at UCLA in the fall because he has not achieved a qualifying SAT score. His plan is to get the necessary score and enroll in January 2010.

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  • Anonymous

    Good Luck Taniela!!
    Would love to have you enroll in January!

  • samohopar

    any idea what that score is?

  • Anonymous

    darn. any abele?

  • Brian Dohn

    Abele is waiting for a test score, but sources are getting a good feeling about him and Eddie Williams. As for the test score, Maka told me he needed to improve 60 points.

  • Fan4Life

    So Maka ends up being part of the next recruiting class or do they backdate his scholie?

  • BruinJigs

    If he gets the necessary score, I think he will be a Bruin.

    I read the reports of how happy his parents were when he received a UCLA offer, which indicates to me that he will not be lured away by the attraction of another school.

    Improving 60 points on the new 2400 SAT is quite simple. A more correct answers should do it.

  • Paul

    Gee, you think of that all by yourself? More correct answers, huh?

  • BruinFaithful

    How dumb or lazy can you be to not get a qualifying score? If you can’t get the minimum score required on the SAT, what assurances do we have that he can handle the academics?

    So, does this mean he didn’t pass the June SAT test? Man, can’t he take a a Prep Course to assure he passes? Another sad case of a misguided youth with the wrong priorities.

  • bbruin

    BruinFaithful – lighten up – this from a man who posted bogus information on Reeves Nelson not 24 hours ago. When you are perfect then bash on Master Maka.

    Me, I will just root for him to do get better on and off the field. I had hoped to see him get some PT this year.

  • BruinFaithful


    I posted what I read from supposedly credible sources, such as and other news outlets. Do you really believe that everything you read from any prominent news outlet is 100% credible? I can only post on what I read from what I believed to be accurate. Unless you are involved in the incident in question, then you really will never know excactly what happened that night with Reeves. Even then, you must account for differences in perspectives and opinions. After doing more research, I retracted my statement, but you missed the point I was trying to make. Which is, we kept Reeves Nelson, because his play was satisfactory to us. In spite of his technicals and ejections on the court and his underage drinking and gettting injured in a sport BH strongly recommended he not play.

    Even the sources I used to retract my statement cannot be counted on as 100% accurate. Yet, I was still man enough to make a retraction, while keeping my point of view in tact.

    I made this post based on my belief in Brian Dohn’s accuracy in reporting. Are you saying that Brian is not a credible reporter?

    I am hardly perfect, but he is hardly a Master and no matter what you or he does, he will not get any PT this year.

    In closing, I have no sympathy for him because I had to go through much more to get into UCLA. My parents were immigrants with a 3rd grade education. I spent my summers taking 2 classes, practicing football, working in the family office cleaning business until 12am every night and studying for the SAT. I wasn’t perfect, but I was determined, driven, and disciplined. I don’t expect you to have sympathy for me, and I don’t want it or need it. In the same vein, don’t expect me to have sympathy for a kid who had an opportunity most of us never got, yet let himself down by not focusing enough.

    If he redeems himself, GREAT. I will be the first to congratulate him. But, success at UCLA is about much more than struggling to get a qualifying score. Thus, we must prove ourselves everyday to hold our position in life.

  • Bruin99


    Where exactly did you grew up? Just to let you know, I teach in the area that Maka lives in. Prep courses? You do know that prep courses cost money, which most kids in Maka’s neighborhood cannot afford. You’ll probably say there’s free courses…I’m sure there’s so many of thoses readily available with all the education cuts in LB. When you say it just depends on hard work? You know, you can’t just cram for the SAT. If you didn’t get the good foundation growing up, trying hard over a period of a few months often won’t cut it. You don’t know what these kids have to deal with out there…studying is sometimes the last thing on their minds. Don’t give me this stuff about you having it harder than him.

    Oh yeah, didn’t Lorenzo Mata do fine at UCLA? He didn’t exactly make it in with flying colors.

  • stewart bliss

    academically qualified walk-on Andrew Curtis need to be asked to camp. Has he? Really enjoyed watching him play at Loyola-intense as they come

  • veriteamdg

    Does anyone know if Andrew Curtis will be at camp? Should be.Really enjoyed watching him at Loyola–he’s intense as they come. 2way starter walking on defense, academically qualified. Bruins lucky to get him.

  • bbruin

    BruinFaithful – you miss my point. I really dont care what you did to get in to UCLA nor does anyone else. Stop ragging on a kid and his situation you know nothing about. Clean up your act. And no we dont need another 5 paragraph essay digging yourself out of the hole you put yourself in.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: BruinFaithful is a putz.