Latest on Abele, Williams

As of this afternoon, I was told offensive linemen Nik Abele and Eddie Williams were on track to complete the necessary academic work and be admitted in time for training camp.

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  • Anonymous

    That’s great news! Thanks Brian

  • Don Chavez

    This is Great News for the program. We really need all the help we can get on the offensive line. Nice work boys!

    Don Chavez

  • Bruins095

    very good news indeed. The more bodies up front, the better.

  • rejn

    That’s what UCLA believes, but what if the NCAA gets their hands on this? Is everything cleared with the NCAA or will we have another Brian Price circus???

  • Anonymous

    Good news, but…

    I’ll be happy when I see them in uniform.

  • tustin dave

    Williams figures to go into the playing rotation by mid-year whereas Abele looks to have the makings of a LT of the future – although he appears destined to redshirt to add to his good 6’7″ 280 lbs size.

    This was great news. Welcome to UCLA.