Neuheisel musings

UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel addressed the media this morning and touched on a few interesting things.
“I think we’re a much more athletic team, stronger, but really inexperienced,” Neuheisel said. “We feel like we’re on the right path. The culture of work and the enthusiasm is where it needs to be.”
As far as recruiting, Neuheisel said it is by design the Bruins don’t have a gaggle of commits.
“Early commits are a formula for trouble,” he said. “They (can) end up not being the very best you can get.”
Neuheisel added he thinks seniors need to be given a chance to develop during the recruiting process.

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  • mike04

    Hey Brian, do you think CRN’s response re: recruiting reflects his feelings toward some recent recruits? Meaning, some of the recruits in recent years that committed early may not have panned out as hoped? Or has this always been his philosophy on recruiting?

  • Brian Dohn

    I believe this is a recent development.

  • gerry4ucla

    Hey Karl Dorrell, CRN just threw you under the bus

  • Anonymous

    i think Karl Dorrell through Karl Dorrel under the bus

  • Anonymous

    Gerry don’t agree. The weakest of last years class for the early commits, the best ones were the last ones. I have a feeling there were kids they really wanted, but ran out of rides.

  • mike chat

    I heard Karl Dorrell tried to throw himself under the bus but was 3 yards short.