Six wins a success?

I asked UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel what would make the season successful.
“I’d be disappointed if we didn’t make the postseason,” Neuheisel said.

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  • Joe B. Ruin

    I’m just hoping that by the midway point we will finally have a QB, and the offense playing more consistent. These were my goals last year, and see what happened? I hate to say it, but this will be another long frustrating season. Who is proven on offense? I can only think of Terrance Austin. I had to write a nice check this month for season tickets again, but feel I will get little return on my investment.

    CRN will not have a pass after this year, two yrs is enough for substantial improvement…this isn’t like the Michigan rebuilding process.

    I really getting tired of hoping to be .500

    Signed, Mr. Sunshine

  • Bruin Rob

    You and me both sista!

  • samohopar

    you set the bar at eight Brian, anything less is unacceptable

  • Anonymous

    Any one know when they mail out the season tickets? I am already getting my tailgate stuff ready for a great, winning season.

  • northbaybruin

    Accuratley predicting the outcome of football games is contrary to what football games are all about. They are a competition between two teams where the outcome cannot possibly be known until the game is over.It is this very characteristic that makes the game so exciting.So why do we obsess about predicting who will win any game or how many games they will win when to be correct would be antithetical to the competition?

    Lets hope that all the Bruin games are close, win or lose. Then we are going to see the Bruin’s play their best football. After following the news and blogs since the last season I think all the Bruin games could be closer than last year. That prospect makes me excited about the upcoming season.

  • Coach Thom

    Coach Rick is aiming high, but he still doesn’t have the horses or the road graders to win more than six this year. 2010 will be the real turn-around year for our program.

  • MaltBaa

    your all downers

  • MaltBaa

    except for bd, who has a special place in my heart

  • Yoda Jr.

    Optimistic this coach is. Downers we are not. Realistic we are..hmm.

  • cv

    All I can say is wow. Coach just fills me with optimism for the upcoming season.

  • VB’s Office Plant

    If CRN were going to be a success we would have more proof at this juncture. The continued next year or two more years is just the desperate ranting of fans who cannot deal with reality. For a wide variety of reasons UCLA’s football team will not be a Pac 10 powerhouse for a long long time.

  • Coach Thom just tells it like it is.

  • mike chat

    I have a feeling CRN is laying low in the weeds. Plant, your comments sound like a person in a vegetative state. UCLA will be somewhere around 6-8 wins this season. There were only a few little things that could have gotten us to 6 wins last year. We start off by losing Rotstein. Kicking off to the 18 yard line was a big mistake. I am sure Neuheisel will have someone kicking it into the end zone or at least to the 5 yard line this year. Longer field for the other team, means a shorter field for our offense. We will have at least 12 bodies suited up that could at least fill in at O line. We have a healthy stable of running backs and we return the best combination of TEs in the conference this year. Maiava was huge at Colorado 2 years ago and he will be very good for us.

    For me 7-5 or 8-4.

  • sandiegobruinfan

    IMO, the 3rd year of a coach’s tenure is generally when the bills come due as you’ve had sufficient time to implement your system, establish recruiting inroads, etc.

    As for this season, 6 wins is a bit low for me…8-9 wins is not out of the question. We’re going to have as athletic & experienced a defense as we’ve seen in quite some time. The new face I can’t wait to see is Hester out on corner…I think this guy is going to be a shut down beast out there. If we get a semblance of a running game, Prince should be adequate behind center.

    Is it time for 2-a-days yet?

  • spedjones

    under promise, over deliver (or else…).

  • captainqtp

    I don’t think next year’s team is going to be a whole lot better than this year’s team. We lose the Bosworths, probably Price, Verner, and Carter on defense. That is going to be hard to replace.