Bowling the goal

Here is the story I wrote about UCLA from Pac-10 media day as well as a column Jill Painter wrote about the Pac-10 race.
As a side note, Bruins coach Rick Neuheisel was asked if he was going to start Twittering (or is it Tweeting?), and he said he would. However, he was researching the process, and whether it can hurt in any way, before starting it.

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  • mike chat

    sorry Brian, but I have never been disrepectful of Jill, but her article was about as dopey as she has ever gotten on here. It was not ridiculous for UCLA to say the dynasty is over, I think we should expect them to say that.

    “Even though UCLA is winning some recruiting battles, USC still is winning over the best recruits.”

    Have some insight Jill. For the last 7 years USC has dominated recruiting by a large margin. The last 2 years it has been close. 2 years ago and beyond USC routinely was able to switch UCLA’s top recruits to USC. Last year USC had the top TE in the nation switch to UCLA. USC had the top MLB switch to ASU. Then everyone figured they had the inside track on the top OLB and he went to Notre Dame. Su’a Filo was thought to be a USC lean and he went to UCLA. USC’s #1 WR recruit switched to UCLA last year.
    Dynasties usually do not have a single season collape, they end incrementally. This year UCLA gets stronger, Notre Dame gets stronger Wash eventually gets stronger. USC’s dynasty was about Pete Carroll to be sure, but also it was about Willingham, Dorell and the revolving door at Notre Dame playing just as big a part. Those 3 teams have been USC’s biggest opponents and the trifecta collapsed in the alst 10 years.

  • Anonymous

    Winning the Pac-10 is always our goal.

  • so west Coast

    haha, reggie carter…gotta love that kid.