Chasing the Trojans

UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel was asked about the Bruins’ pursuit of USC in the Pac-10, and on the national landscape.

“We’ve proven we can recruit with them. I believe we will continue to recruit with them,” he said. “I believe, based on the resume of my coaching staff and what I know about them, we can coach with them. …
“The question is developing our game to the point where we are as developed as they are. We’re not there yet. You can’t run on to the field with those guys and say you’re there yet.”

Bowling the goal

Here is the story I wrote about UCLA from Pac-10 media day as well as a column Jill Painter wrote about the Pac-10 race.
As a side note, Bruins coach Rick Neuheisel was asked if he was going to start Twittering (or is it Tweeting?), and he said he would. However, he was researching the process, and whether it can hurt in any way, before starting it.