After Practice with Morrell Presley

Working with both the first and third teams, freshman tight end Morrell Presley (Carson High) was one of the surprises of Day 1. While there are plenty of tight end options, Presley appeared to be in the mix to at least see some time, based on three or four nice catches from Kevin Prince.
Presley had one particularly impressive grab near the end of practice, leaping to catch a ball before falling out of bounds, right over the outstretched arms of a leaping Kyle Bosworth.

Presley, on his status with the team:
In some parts of the program, I’m really not even considered a freshman,” Presley said. “They don’t treat me like one. They’ve thrown me in with the older dudes. I eat with the older dudes. I even grew up with a couple of them, went to middle school with them.”

On his chances to get some playing time:
“Everything is about competition out here,” Presley said. “It doesn’t matter how young you are. You can run a 4.2, be the fastest dude on the team, and still if you can’t routes or have an understanding of the routes, you’re not going to play.”

Kevin Prince, on Presley:
“He’s a great athlete, and he’s starting to learn everything,” Prince said. “He was here in the spring with us, but he’s still learning every day. He’s doing well, and I think he’ll be able to contribute in the fall. I hope so – he’s a great athlete.”

  • Blue Bruin

    I thought Presley was from Cathedral High?

  • lavsmousse

    You’re thinking of Randall Carroll

  • jay

    No he’s from Carson High. Randall Caroll is from Cathedral.