Jeff Baca injury update

Spoke with Baca quickly after practice, and he said he was 100 percent healthy, “Good to go.”
Coach Neuheisel said there were no injuries to report after practice, though some guys complained about the new shoes.

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  • E MAN


    Thank you for the updates!

    Got some burning questions here:

    How did Randall Caroll/Damien Thigpen Look? We need speed!

    How bout Xavier Sua’filo and Stan Hasiak?


  • Tustin Dave

    Thanks for so many updates. BD would have been proud of this!

  • bruinbiochem06

    damn adidas and their crappy shoes…

  • Hey E MAN,

    Thanks for the read and the comments.

    Carroll was specifically mentioned by Coach Neuheisel as someone who impressed him in Day One, along with Eddie Williams and Morrell Presley.

    Su’a-Filo and Hasiak got some reps in with the first team – but don’t look too far into that, Neuheisel just wanted to give them a chance and wouldn’t comment on their playing time – and both looked good.

    More about speed: Neuheisel made it plainly clear that the team needs to find some more speed weapons, and that should be a focal point for the offense over the next few days.

    Again, thanks for reading.

  • No, Neuheisel joked around about it, but I think it was just the typical first day in new shoes kind of aches and pains. There were no injuries he reported, at least.

  • Ryan

    Has UCLA expressed any concerns to Adidas about their shoes? I remember complaints last year about the comfort of the shoes, and those complaints have reared their heads again already. Not sure if there is any connection, but Olson and Paulsen both broke their feet on non-contact plays last year.

  • Coach Thom

    Those dadblasted shoes!!!! Get the boys some good ones!!!

  • Coach Thom

    Those dadblasted shoes!!!! Get the boys some good ones!!!