Media Day continued

Rick Neuheisel on the biggest change from year one:
“I think the commitment in the offseason program. I think the guys bought in. The strength numbers are way up, the speed numbers have improved. We’ve got the ability to run now, and I’m looking forward to watching how that affects ball games. Ultimately, when you look at last year, and you’re trying to see what we need to do better, we need to be much better on offense.”

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  • Ri-L


    Welcome to the blog! I appreciate the updates. A small request: Can you number your posts, if they all have the same headline? Example: Media Day continued 1, Media Day continued 2, etc. It would help differentiate them in the RSS feed. Thanks! Dohn always used Roman numerals, I don’t think that’s necessary….

  • VB’s Office Plant

    It wouldn’t be UCLA if we didn’t have the obligatory “Guys bought into the offseason program this year” post.