Reggie Carter at Media Day

On the retuning defense:
“Last year, we didn’t finish first in the conference or in the country,” Carter said. “There was nothing to be too excited about. We have a lot of improvement to make, a lot of room to get better. Our goal is to dominate and be the best in the conference. There’s no way we can drop off because we’re still working to get better and we’re hungry for victory. Regardless of how we think we did, we won four games last year, and that’s a terrible season.”

On Reggie Carter:
“I have all the confidence in myself,” Carter said. “If you don’t believe in yourself, who will? I think I’m unstoppable, and I’m going to play like it. My teammates think that, too.”

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    Jon Gold? Jon Gold? Who is this Jon Gold guy? Who cares! Keep the updates coming, you “Jon Gold”! Good stuff! OH, yeah. Shut up, laker!