Terrence Austin at Media Day

On new starting quarterback Kevin Prince:
“He lines up in the huddle, he has 10 guys looking at him, waiting for him to call the play, waiting for him to direct the offense,” Austin said. “It hasn’t been gameday yet, he’s going to have his jitters of course, but he sits there and directs the offense, no problem. He’s not nervous, he’s confident when he speaks to us; if there’s something wrong, he fixes it. That’s darn good for a redshirt freshman. I don’t think he has anything but upside to him.
“When he walks around campus he’s a cool cat, but when he steps on the field, it’s different – he’s leading us and directing us.”

On finding positives in the offense last season:
“There were definitely some positives last year,” Austin said. “The charisma on offense – we just kept going. We had some setbacks. One game we threw five interceptions, but we came back and won the game. That’s something a lot of people didn’t see last year. When you have a team that has the ability to still go on each game and make an effort, all you have to do is make some changes to make it.”

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  • Jewin

    Check out Jon rockin the blog! I can barely keep up with the posts! Thanks dude.

  • Anonymous

    “the charisma on offense”???

    how did this moron get in to ucla? how is he eligible?

    last thing we need is neuheisal cheating again and having guys who have substitutes to take their tests for them. this guy clearly couldn’t pass anything.

    unless he ‘makes some changes to make it’ i guess….

  • Anonymous

    ^ Hater.