Back in Business with Joseph Fauria

Notre Dame transfer Joseph Fauria talked briefly about his decision to come to UCLA, his excitement to be out on the field again and UCLA’s deep tight end competition.

On his recruitment out of high school:
“Looking back now, it probably should’ve been my first choice,” Fauria said with a laugh. “I was really close to coming here. This is a blessing in disguise. I’m glad I’m here now.”

On being back on the field:
“I feel great; it’s good to be around football again,” Fauria said. “It’s good to know half the team; I played against most of these guys.”

On what it will take to get some playing time in the future:
“I’ve got to do me,” Fauria said. “I’ve got to play my own game, and hopefully it’s enough. This is a good, good group of tight ends. I know most of them. They all know how to play the position. All I can do right now with this year of learning is just get better. Hopefully that’s enough for next year.
“There’s going to be a good competition for years to come with this tight end position.”

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  • bruinisky

    If you get a minute, throw us a basketball bone. Some of us live for that stuff.

  • solomonbruin

    You are doing a great job with the blog. I am really enjoying the material that you are posting.Keep it up.

  • Anonymous

    Golden boy, I feel like I know everything that was going on at practice… thank you!

    But I agree on the basketball tip… if you get a chance to post a basketball update or something, we’d greatly appreciate it

  • kingofcali626

    Is Josh Smith enrolled yet and practicing too?

  • Anon

    Is this your last day on the UCLA blog beat? Jill Painter originally posted that she would be back on Wednesday, but someone else would cover football for Monday and Tuesday.

  • Anonymous

    Keep Jon Gold, Keep Jon Gold, Keep Jon Gold!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Jill’s good but Jon should keep going, he’s doing great!

  • Ryan

    John – You killed it again today! Well done. I hope to see many more of your posts in the future.

  • Dave

    I just wanted to give you props Jon on the great job you’ve done since taking over.

    I figured this place would become just as bad as the Dodgers blog after the dailynews ousted Tony Jackson.

  • JoeDP

    Being new to the assignment and not having built a lot of relationships yet, I think it’s a bit unfair to ask Jon to get much basketball info this time of year.

    On another note, please find out the status of Colorado football transfer Josh Smith. Fauria’s enrolled, but is Smith?