Clip it and Rip it

You guys want YouTube videos, you get videos.

Here are various UCLA players and coaches discussing their favorite sports movies. A quick watch with just 127 views so far, but only one from me. I expect this to get to one million hits by the end of the day. Do work.

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  • ‘SC cheats too much

    Need the links, Jon. Otherwise, keep up the great work!

  • thebeast323

    what video? i cant do work without the link.

  • VBs Cat

    dont see a link Gold? 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Maybe I am missing something but embedding the video or a link would help. Good work so far Jon.

  • Rob

    Where is the clip Jon “Ari” Gold?

  • Hey Rob,

    I tried to hyperlink it, but for some reason I had some trouble. Instead, I’ll just imbedding the videos live onto the blog. I think that will work better, no?

    Thanks for the look,

  • bruincheerleader


  • VBs Cat

    i see the video but no sound 🙁

  • Ramona Shelburne

    Don’t worry blog fans, I have taught Jon how to embed and link now. No more confusing posts with dead links, provided young Gold can remember which buttons to click 😉

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    Ramona, you just knocked Jill down one level. LOL. Can’t seem to recall Jill ever teaching anyone to embed before.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, Ramona, thanks Jon. Jon your frequents posts helps ease the loss of Brian. Please keep it up. Ms Caldwell is sooooooo attractive, and what an athlete she was too.

  • Fan4Life

    That is why Stanford recruited Ramona. 🙂

    “Remember The Titans” is a great sports film for this line alone by Will Patton.

    “All right, now, I don’t want them to gain *another yard!* * You blitz… all… night!* If they cross the line of scrimmage, I’m gonna take every last one of you out! You make sure they remember, *forever*, the night they played the Titans!”

    I get chills every time.

  • la-ukla

    Rudy!!!!!! “Do it for Rudy, Coach”

  • Anonymous

    i have to say that vid sux. who cares about almost every person on the vid. do the same thing, but with the entire men’s hoops squad, or/and star football players. sheeesh.