It’s the little things

Speaking about Prince – and by no means am I an expert, hell I was an offensive guard in high school – it is abudantly clear that he’s taken the reins as leader of the offense.
It’s in the little things.
When I covered one of the UCLA spring scrimmages, Prince wasn’t exactly lost in the huddle, but he certainly was not the force he is now.
On Monday, Prince simply sounded louder than the other UCLA quarterbacks, almost angry, always with something to say. Sure, it’s a little thing – Bruins fans should concern themselves more with his arm than his throat! – but it matters.
Especially to the offensive linemen.

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  • PowderKegBlue

    Jon is an old OLineman? Awesome! Now you have to keep this job, to give everyone an OLineman’s perspective. Anybody who works in football at any level know that OLinemen are usually the smartest guys on the team.

    (Yes, a little sucking up to make you feel welcome.)


    Jon, you are officially the MAN!! Blog is holding up just fine, even better without the snide East Coast attitude that often appeared in some of the posts.

    Welcome, blog leader.

  • Go Jon

    Dohn who?

  • Charlie Bucket

    since we are discussing small stuff…Jon if you end up being the man, please ditch the eerie-looking bear mug on the blog banner. I know it’s from the official campus bear statue, but the extreme close-up highlights the wierd fish-lips and overly astonished expression.

    I recommend a picture of Joe Bruin or any UCLA logo really, I don’t care, just please get rid of that bear. I had nightmares for a week after Dohn rolled out this new pic.

  • UCLA3

    you are killing it…keep up the good work..