Media Day Tidbits

Hey all,

I’m heading to practice around 2 p.m. so I can try to pick up on anything out there. Things will really pick up around 5 this afternoon if you want to check back then.

Over the next hour or so, I’ll post some extra quotes from yesterday by UCLA’s top mouthpieces: Rick Neuheisel, Kevin Prince and Christian Ramirez.

Thanks for reading, folks.
Also, just checking before I do this, but would anyone enjoy some good YouTube clips of all things Blue and Gold?

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  • Anonymous

    Yes, youtube clips would be great.

  • coronabruin

    Thanks for the work Gold. Yes, youtube clips would be great!

  • PowderKegBlue

    Thanks for your work Jon, hope you can keep this gig permanently. Yes on the YouTube clips, it’d be nice to see Bruin Football-related video.

    And I’d like to second the motion of getting your perspective on the freshmen, especially the OLinemen XSF and Big Stan.

  • lompocjr

    Think you should keep this gig and rename it “Blue and Gold”!

  • Marko

    Jon Gold for President! Jon Gold for President! Jon Gold for President! Jon Gold for President! Jon Gold for President! Jon Gold for President!

    okay, maybe not, but here’s my vote he gets the blog gig

  • Rob

    Gold, your stock is rising faster that a 4 star kid in fall camp. Keep it up. And are you kidding about wanting youtube clips of blue and gold? Does Carrol like to cheat, does Chow sound like Rocky, does BN suck? If you didn’t get my sarcasm, yes we would like youtube clips of anything UCLA.

  • michael

    You are doing a great job. more info in 1 day than I see in a week with Dohn (no disrespect). We appreciate all that u do and hope u get this job.
    Please some info on the Hasiak And XSF mission, r they going? how fast is thigpen and carroll?

  • ImmortalB&G

    Mr. Gold,

    You are absolutely killin it! Thanks for all of your hard work! Love to see some pictures & vid (youtube)!


  • Anonymous

    Photos are good too.

  • Anonymous

    Brian who? Jon, keep this up! You’re doing a fantastic job. I hope you will cover the recruiting scene with as much fervor as you’ve shown thus far!

  • theuclan

    clips would fab!!!!

  • Chuck

    You Tube good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • UCLA ’64

    Yes, I’d like to see youTube clips of Bruin sports. They don’t necessarily have to be football or basketball related especially in the off-season. However, you might want to put up a poll about about the non-football/basketball clips because some fans get cranky if there’s any non-football/basketball information here. I like all sports and all things UCLA, but I don’t want to speak for everyone.

  • Anonymous

    Clips are always good, but I think I scoured the net and watched everything there is to watch on all things blue and gold already. Let’s see what you can come up w/. Thanks Jon. Great work on the 2nd day as well!!!