Three for Three with Stanley Hasiak

Here’s my brief encounter with Stanley Hasiak:

1) “For me, no matter where I went I was going to compete for a starting spot. Whether it was going to be hard or easy, I didn’t know. In this situation, I’ve been getting in my reps, been competing, and it’s still up in the air.”

2) “For all freshmen, the difficulty is the same. For the young guys to come in and compete against older guys, the older guys have a lot more experience, a lot more experience working their technique.”

3) “The key to a good offense is the offensive line. We’re trying to bring back the tradition, or maybe even start the tradition, of having great offensive linemen. Guys who will get down and grind. Guys who’ll get down and do the dirty work like they’re supposed to.”

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  • Anonymous

    Jonathan Ogden, Kris Farris, Vaughn Parker, Randy Cross, Frank Cornish, Dave Dalby, Luis Sharpe, Duval Love, Max Montoya.

    Lets bring back that tradition Mr. Hasiak. Go Bruins!!!