• BruinChick


    You have been really great. Please please please stay on with us full time?

  • Yoda

    like a whirling dervish, Jon Gold is.

    worthy of recognition in the Jedi Archives, his work has been.

    one question, i have:

    about cheerleader practice, do you have any info?

  • Dale

    Jon just to let you know you are doing a great job so far!
    Go Bruins


    Hey Daily News the masses have spoken give the guy the gig. Jon great work, those of us who are stuck in an office all day appreciate all of your updates.

  • Anonymous

    Jon, you are doing a great job. Keep up the good work. We appreciate all of the updates.


    Everyone should be emailing your boss – who posted his contact information on Dohn’s farewell.

    Jon, please see about providing information on recruits attending – I believe Anthony Jefferson was there yesterday.

    Thanks for all the great work – look forward to your postings today. I bet your first day on the blog killed Wolf in number of hits.

  • Rico Bruin

    John (DUDE) I signed on expecting maybe a couple of measly updates and WOW you have taken the reigns and kept this blog rollin’ GREAT WORK.


  • Anonymous

    Nice Job. I am now checking this blog 10x a day again! Thank you Jon for a job well done. Keep it up!