Kia injured

Another day, another injury. Micah Kia was injured on a play during the scrimmage at the end of practice, a play in which Kevin Craft threw an interception. Kia injured his right knee and had to be assisted to the training shed by two people, then was driven off the field on a golf cart. It didn’t look good. He’s scheduled to have an MRI either tonight or tomorrow morning. He was competing with Stanley Hasiak for the starting left guard position. If Kia is out for a prolonged time, that means there will be no seniors on the offensive line. Senior Nick Ekbatani went down with a knee injury and is out 4-6 weeks.

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  • uclaone1

    Unreal….Some can give comparisons of other programs to indicate that injuries are part of any college football program but This is getting ridiculous…….The injuries going back the last 5-10 years are alarming and perhaps a close look needs to be taken at the program….training facilities….conditioning programs and/or weigh lifting facilities….

  • Anonymous

    wow, we have no depth on either line, and all injuries seemingly are only occurring on the line. I guess thats what Neuheisel gets for not bringing it one DT in last years class.

  • Anonymous

    It’s gotta be the SHOES!!! Time for UCLA to switch to the evil Knight empire…unfortunately…

  • TruBruin

    Injury’s aside, Kia has never lived up to the hype he had coming in, he is pretty soft for the size he has and we need toughness on the o-line

  • Anonymous

    kia is hurt every season. Dude was highly rated coming out of high school, but unfortunately he’s made of glass.

  • saxylady

    I have heard that Cal is having some injury issues also …

  • Bruin1970

    Injuries are bad news to depth, however, all of the injuries taking people out for significant time have come to second-tier people. All our national award watch list guys, Verner, Forbath, Carter, Price, are healthy — knock on wood.

  • Anonymous

    Be careful Bruin1970. We don’t want to jinx it, haha. Really, we can’t afford at all to lose any of those key players.

  • Bruins095

    Holding my breath at this point. Looks like we may see the freshmen get some time up front. The lack of depth is scary. Kia never lived up to the hype, but definitely need extra bodies on lines. Depth on D-line really is a concern. DT depth is what worries me the most. Hoping Price has a monster year.

    Cal does have some injuries. Best has toe injury, not sure how bad it is. WR, Center and backup TE fighting injuries.

  • Coach Thom

    In the past, the coaching staff recruited players who just didn’t have the talent or toughness to avoid serious injury. I believe the present staff have the acumen and football knowledge to select players who are less prone to injury. Our recent history of serious, season-ending injuries is a reflection on the previous coaching staff, the athletes they recruited, and the conditioning regimens employed. Shoes may be an issue as well as turf conditions, but basically, the players just haven’t been tough enough. Serious injuries this close to the season kick-off is not a good portent. Got to pray to the Almighty and cross all fingers that the injuries stop here.

  • Anonymous

    I agree about the SHOES!!!!!

    Going back to the article in the OC Register last year. Look at the difference in Nike and Adidas…no wonder we have so many injuries!!

    From the article at

    ‘Nike poured millions into more research and development, widening its soles, changing its shoe construction and using more high-tech materials that were both lighter and stronger. The results were improved performance as well as reduced injuries.

    Adidas, which did not respond to repeated requests for an interview, has not had an on-campus shoe liaison working at UCLA as it has had in prior seasons. So when Bruins coach Rick Neuheisel said, “We’re looking into the shoes,” at the start of fall camp, he had nowhere to turn.’