Who’s the Bruins’ fastest man?

The question is debatable since running back Damien Thigpen had the fastest 40 time in 4.28 seconds, and sprinter Randall Carroll was close at 4.31. Carroll won the state 100 and 200-meter titles the last two years and owns a 10.3 in the 100. They have fun with the debate.
“Yeah, we do,” Carroll said. “At the end, he kind of leaned on his. I think I should’ve done that, and maybe we would’ve been closer. We’re still both fast, and we’re still on the same team. That’s the best part.”
Carroll believes he’d get the better of Thigpen on the track.
“He’d explode out on me, but I’d come in the end and get him,” he said. “I’m stronger than him in a whole 100-meter race. Plus, he runs the hurdles. We don’t run the same events.”

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  • saxylady

    I can’t wait until track season!!!!!

  • sandiegobruinfan

    At some point, they have to have a 100 yard goal line to goal line dash on the field. Winner gets eats of his choosing from a local Westwood establishment.

  • Anonymous

    how about they dont have a 100 yard goal line dash on the field, and stick to practicing for football and not racing each other and risking any injuries.

    lets save the bruin on bruin racing for track season

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

    The fastest Bruin is the geezer alum in Tunnel 19 that posts a 4.0 flat in the middle of the third quarter as he is leaving early to beat the traffic!

  • RXBruin

    Hey Jill – are you going to have any Q&A sessions similar to what Dohn had done?


    Team sports are more about quickness than flat-out speed. And football is played primarily in a 10-yard area, except at times for the wide-outs, so a 10-yard time, not 40-yards, would be a superior barometer of “football speed.”

  • Not this week during two-a-days, but I think it’s a fun feature of the blog most of you like. I will definitely try to keep that going.

  • Anonymous

    With the new big boys protecting the Prince, I can’t wait for the day Norm Chow sends these 2 wide out then into a crossing pattern before the end zone.

    TOUCHDOWN 50% of the time baby!!!

    Nice to have dreams like this for once!!!

  • Zach

    Isn’t Thigpen a runningback…?