Marvray and the playbook

Receiver Ricky Marvray seems to catch Rick Neuheisel’s attention on a daily basis by making plays, but Marvray is still struggling with learning the playbook.
“I come from a high school (Centennial of Corona) that was very simple,” Marvray said. “I only had to know 10 plays. I’m going from that and one formation to 16 formations with 80 variations of plays. I’m coming around but it’s just tough right now … The hardest part is getting the playbook. It’s been a challenge. I’m slowly progressing forward. The playbook is kind of getting me.”

Marvray has been studying with Kevin Prince and Richard Brehaut. He should be in the mix for playing time at receiver.
“I think I can help the team a lot, I just hope I get a chance,” Marvray said. “Once I get this playbook, there’s no telling what I can do. ”

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  • sandiegobruinfan

    Nice balance of self-awareness in regards to his need to ramp up on the playbook and the confidence in his own ability to contribute to the Bruins. Hard not to like this guy.

  • Coach Thom

    Maybe Coach Norm should simplify things a little bit for Marvray, and in the huddle call a play like: “Easy-over flip-under bakers roll left with pepsi fizz dynamite fairy floss right on two, on two…oh, and Ricky, you run like heck to their end zone.” Works for me.