Neuheisel after practice

Quote of the Day, on Micah Kia’s injury:
“Tough times don’t last, but tough people do. I expect him to be helpful with Bob in terms of helping young players as sort of a student-coach. Both Kyle Bosworth and Logan Paulsen had similar circumstances a year ago, and here they are excited about this. It seems like a million miles away, but is actually right around the corner.”

On what he hopes to see on Saturday:
“The same thing every coach in the country hopes for – great adherence to the fundamentals you’ve been teaching and then no injuries. Maybe not in that order.”

On the commitment to the running game this season:
“I’ve noticed the attitude in it – there’s no question the attitude’s been there – but consistency still needs to be progressed. We’re not there yet. But coaches and players alike are committed to the idea that we’re going to do that. We just have got to continue pounding the meat, as Rocky would say.”

  • Beavis

    CRN said “Pounding the Meat”…. he he he.