Post-practice wrap

Thoughts from Thursday’s practice:

1) A spirited goal-line session was interrupted by players running onto the field after consecutive touchdowns to start the drill. UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel was not pleased, as he shouted to the sideline, “Cut it out!”
Take one: If I’m a head coach, I love the enthusiasm, somewhat misguided as it was. Good for Neuheisel for maintaining order, but good for the players for making him need to.

2) Quarterback Kevin Prince struggled at times, but still managed to outshine his backups. Prince grew frustrated with himself after a string of overthrows, but calmed himself down and delivered crisp passes in his next series.
Take two: Better overthrows than bad reads. Better throw-aways than interceptions. Better August frustration than October frustration.

3) Lost in the excitement of Brian Price and Reggie Carter and Alterraun Verner are Kyle and Korey Bosworth. The twins seem to be overlooked by the media and prognosticators, but if practice was any indication, that should end soon.
Take three: If UCLA’s defense will be as good as advertised, it will not be because of the award-list candidates, but those under the radar.

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  • Anonymous

    I like your second point and I agree. I don’t mind that Prince is missing some throws and messing up in practices. As long as the offensive line improves (and retains the remaining uninjured players), Prince will do better than Craft last season. Anything short of 20 interceptions means a couple more wins and a bowl game. So I’m satisfied with how our team is progressing.

    Anybody else going to the scrimmage on saturday?

  • captainqtp

    Take three is so right on. It isn’t whether or not Carter, Price, and Verner succeed. It’s whether Datone Jones, Akeem Ayers, and Aaron Hester succeed.

  • captainqtp

    Take three is so right on. It isn’t whether or not Carter, Price, and Verner succeed. It’s whether Datone Jones, Akeem Ayers, and Aaron Hester succeed.

  • Coach Thom

    Welcome home, Jon. You are truly a gifted, energetic, and diligent reporter. Love your posts.

  • barrya

    Great job, Jon; thanks!

    comment: rebuilding a program is a five or even six year process. You get some talent at the top, then you build some depth, then you begin to see results which enables you to elevate the talent of both your stars (at the top of the depth chart) AND significantly improve your depth. This is year two for CRN and the talent shows at the top but the depth isn’t there yet so the injuries on the lines – and it all starts with the lines – are particularly worrisome.

    A solid season this year will enable the recruiting to take that next step up; so much depends on the lines right now, and on coaches Palcic and Howard and their guys.

    As to QBs, young ones just don’t very well see safeties (or LBs) coming over against the grain of the route; it happens. But you are so right about overthrows vs reads. Craft last year was killed on his reads, but he rarely had time to actually run through any progressions and zero running game to keep defenses honest. If Prince has the benefit of even an average running game and more time to throw this year, with our new speed and solid receiving corps, we’ll be fine. If the OLine can stay intact.

    IMO CRN is in a tough spot right now – his young young team needs all the game-action-type work it can get, but such work inevitably results in more injuries which his team can’t afford. But every rep this year will pay dividends down the road and this team is so young that one has to believe it will achieve more and more in the next couple years (at least).

    Thanks again and keep up the great work!

  • Anon

    Jon is blogging at a Magical Level (TM).

  • Rico Bruin

    Great Stuff Jon!!

    How are the new RB’s being utilized?

    Any return action for Thigpen?


  • Hey Rico,

    This is all conjecture, especially because Ramirez is being used sparsely the last couple days because of his hammy, but…

    Chow LOVES Ramirez’s versatility, and I can see Ramirez being a very important factor in the passing game. Every day, there are a number of designed screen plays, and Ramirez looks very fluid out of the backfield. Also, he can block, and Chow loves that.

    Franklin and Coleman are good and fast, but I’m not sure how well they can block, and that’s such a huge factor.

    Milton Knox sure can run, but at his size, I imagine it’s tough to hand over an entire running game to him, at least this early…