Checking in from scrimmage

Hey guys, this is Jon checking in from UCLA’s fall scrimmage. It is a beautiful, cloudless day here at Drake Stadium and the Bruins look sharp in warm-ups. I will be providing a detailed report card after the scrimmage, so please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for reading!

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  • BruinFan

    Appreciate the hard work, Jon! Doin a great job with all the updates!

    Question for you: what recruits showed up for the scrimmage? Thanks in advance.

  • bruinbiochem06

    We would appreciate your expert opinion on the O-line, and we want details. Thanks Jon!

  • samohopar

    O-line O-line and O-line

  • joe gage

    how is the punting battle going between locke and reese?

  • Spencer

    Thanks, Jon. I was wondering about the rumors about Ryan Taylor moving first string center and Maiava moving to guard. Your thoughts please.

  • 909Bruin

    how do the back up LB’s like Sloan, D. Carter, and Bowens and Westgate look?? do u think anyone of them will get significant playing time this season?

    also, how do Carroll and Thigpen look? do you expect both to play this season?

  • bruinbiochem06

    Does anyone who went to the scrimmage care to comment on it? I couldn’t make it, but I’m dying to know how our team looked.

  • La Femme Bruin

    A few highlights:

    Franklin = 6 carries for 99 yards

    Locke hit a 53 yard field goal

    Brian Price was Brian Price

    Punting/kicking was pretty good, punt/kick returns were very good, punt/kick coverage wasn’t great.

    Thigpen is very, very good.

    Jerry Rice was there, Jerry Rice Jr. had some good plays.

    Petros was there (gag), and the Lil Papadakis had a decent showing.

    QB’s weren’t very consistent, but there were some good plays and some very good plays.

    Crissman looked pretty decent, as did the walk-on QB.

  • TruBruin

    Back from the scrimmage and lets start with the positive.
    Special teams looked great. Defense looked great!
    Negatives. A virtual flashback of last season with 1st offense. Prince looked like Craft throwing the ball to the other team. most of the yards on the ground were made on broken plays. Dropped passes ect….ect… 1st string was not pretty against 1st string defense. The best looking QB was Crissman and the RB have the ability to break off long runs if they get some blocking. Better running game with the 2-3 string because of the drop off on the defensive line and linebacker after the starters on D were out. Brian Price is a MONSTER. Period.
    Bottom line 1st defense OWNED 1st offense because they DOMINATED the line of scrimmage

  • Anonymous

    Whatever happened to Maka? I thought he was also going to play some LB.

  • saxylady

    I spoke with Petros, and he was actually pretty nice!!!! Had some complimentary things to say, too, at the end of the scrimmage!!!

  • bruinbiochem06

    thank you guys for your comments, they were very insightful!

  • Fauxshow

    Our punting is in good hands. Locke was booming 65-70 yard spirals before scrimmage. Unreal.

  • BruinLoser98

    Jon this isn’t little league where everyone gets a trophy. Shoot us straight and give us the real grade. How do they stack up against USC? What do they lose by single or double digits. To early to be drinking the koolaid guys. What a joke.