Report Card – KR/PR

Kick Return

Grade: A+**** (To the fourth power)
High Marks: Bruin fans, welcome Damien Thigpen. Facing poor coverage, Thigpen was brilliant, sprinting to a 70-yard punt return touchdown and a 61-yard kickoff return. Courtney Viney, meanwhile, added a 94-yard punt return touchdown.

Low Marks: ……..Nothing.

  • Anonymous

    Do we now have a KR/PR contraversy between the sure handed Terrance Austin and speedsters Thigpen and Viney? How do you see this shaping up for the season?
    Thanks. Wasn’t able to make it up for the scrimmage yesterday but the coverage on here makes up for it in a big way. Really appreciate everything Jon.

  • Jon Gold

    Hey Anon,

    I can’t imagine any sort of controversy; rather, I think Neuheisel realizes the importance of having extra returners because of Austin’s value as a wideout. He basically said as much, noting that Austin was all-conference and that his job was not in jeopardy.


  • Fan4Life

    I read somewhere that the plan is to RS Thigpen which would make a lot of sense since not doing so would essentially put him in the same class as Knox and Franklin.

  • solomonbruin

    The long punt and kick returns makes me worry about the defensive coverage. Do our special teams look that bad?

  • Steve

    Nice run down…thanks Jon.

    So I guess Thigpen isn’t going to RS, huh?


  • TruBruin

    Yes the return units were pretty exciting to watch. I think Austins days might be numbered there if he drops another kick. The flip side though was the Punt and Kick coverage was awfully porus!

  • cv

    KR was not a problem last year it was coverage!