Report Card – OL

Offensive Line

Grade: C+
High Marks: Really, what is anyone going to do against Brian Price? The guy is a beast. Here’s the thing: Xavier Su’a-Filo and Stanley Hasiak may turn into beasts, too. Perhaps D-Coordinator Chuck Bullough said it best.
“Those young offensive lineman are going to be really good – obviously, they’re freshman, and there’s going to be growing pains. But they’re athletically gifted – it’s not like our defense is not going against talented tackles.”
Low Marks: Early in the scrimmage, the defensive line was simply dominant. For every five-yard gain, there was a one-yard gain. Not good enough.

  • TruBruin

    For every 5 yard gain there was a 1 yard gain and a 3 yard loss. sad but true

  • bruinbiochem06

    This is disappointing to hear…

  • spedjones

    In all seriousness, we were 4-8 last year largely due to our OL. Did anyone expect two true freshmen and a JC transfer to fix everything in a matter of weeks? I’m all on board with having high hopes for UCLA football moving forward, but you guys really need to tone down the immediate expectations. Despite the uptick in talent this year, it’s going to be another long and somewhat frustrating year.