Report Card – QB


Grade: C-
High Marks: Kevin Prince was effective in spurts and seems to have learned to check down to lower options. He was impressive in the flats, though he did not challenge the first-string defense deep very often. Nick Crissman had a beautiful pass to tight end Joseph Fauria – who broke a tackle and received an incredible block from freshman wide receiver Ricky Marvray on his way to a 60-yard touchdown.
Low Marks: Prince was inconsistent, with a handful of overthrows and two atrocious throws. One, off his backfoot facing pressure, was intercepted. The other, a near-pick in the back of the end zone. Prince finished the afternoon just 9-for-19 for 77 yards and an inteception.

  • BruinJigs

    I was reading so many good reports about the play of Prince in the week leading up to the scrimmage (minus Monday). It seems like he could not keep the momentum going and struggled today. I think inconsistency will common from QB play this year at UCLA.

    I am most disappointed in the offense line play. All reports suggest that the line is the same line at last year, with the exception of marginally better run blocking.

    The o-line really needs to step up or we could be in for another long season.

    Also, I hope these scrimmages make Neuheisel realize that the most apparent need for this UCLA team is size up front. I think he gets a little too enamored with skill positions and defensive backs.

  • TruBruin

    I give Prince a D. Impressive in the flats? most of those completions in the flat was the third option as a dump out pass. Throwing balls to the defense and behind open receivers is what I saw. Honestly, his performance resembled a Kevin Craft performance. Just being real here. Crissman looked the best of all of them but he was against the 3rd string. That Marvray block was a thing of beauty.
    Brian Price DOMINATED the line of scrimmage almost by himself! While the defense was dominant, I noticed a serious drop off with the 2-3rd string. Depth is clearly an issue at D-line and inside linebacker
    Its the age old story of the Bruins Great Defense-Weak offense only to shift after a couple years to Great Offense-Weak Defense. Hopefully Neu can bring balance at both sides of the ball. Right now our offensive line is not a whole lot better than last season. Young and inexperienced, Price blew them away.

  • Jon Gold

    Hey TruBruin,

    Thanks for the comment, and all of your observations were valid. Prince’s two throws were poor decisions, and he acknowledged that. When a young quarterback recognizes that a receiver is covered, I think that’s a pretty big thing. It didn’t seem that Chow was trying to test Prince deep early.


  • Anonymous

    In one series, Craft-Knox for 6, 7 and 4 yards. Then Craft ran for another gain.

  • solomonbruin

    Thanks for the really good work. Keep an eye on Crissman.A local sports writer told me that he looked really good as a high school senior.

  • TruBruin

    I see your point on this but when most all of his decent throws went to the back releasing to the flat its not very encouraging. I realize that he is in overload right now and a redshirt freshman but for those of us looking for some difference between last season and this season other than personell it didnt really happen. Chow never likes to play all his cards at a public scrimmage but the pass plays that were run by the 1st team, frankly, were not pretty.

    To the poster on Crissman, I dont know who you spoke with but Crissman had a far better junior season that his senior season. He struggled with injurys his senior year and poor o-line play. For those of you who are Star Gazers, his stock as a recruit dropped his senior year. That said he had the best scrimmage of the QB’s all be it against the 3rd string D.

  • Anonymous

    How many interviews have we heard with the QB’s in the last 10 years? I have no interest in what Kevin Prince or any of the other talkers have to say. SHOW me something, and I will hear all I need to hear.

  • Jon Gold

    Hey Theuclan,

    Craft saw limited reps, but was effective running out of the pocket. He worked mostly with the third- and fourth-string offenses, and it is pretty clear that Richard Brehaut is UCLA’s No. 2.


  • theuclan

    didnt get a chance to make it sat. how did craft look? is he getting any reps?