Report Card – RB

Running Backs

Grade: B-
High Marks: After Christian Ramirez was pulled early to protect his hamstrings, Johnathan Franklin took the reins and ran with them. Franklin had a stunning 60-yard touchdown run en route to a six-carry, 99-yard performance. Milton Knox displayed his bouncability – I’m coining that, by the way – and impressed the coaches.
Low Marks: Derrick Coleman had a rough day behind the starting offensive line and grew frustrated. It seems that Norm Chow only seems comfortable using Ramirez as a receiving threat, as Prince rarely looked into the flats with his other running backs.

  • Anonymous

    Christian Ramirez must have paid someone off, because how else does he hold on to the #1 RB position? The guy can’t get the grades, can’t stay healthy, and the other RBs are lighting it up…yet he remains #1. This must be bizarro world.