Report Card – WR

Wide Receivers / Tight Ends

Grade: B (Tight ends, A+++)
High Marks: Though victims to some overthrows, the wide receiver corps did a fine job getting off the line of scrimmage and challenging a very tough defense. In a scrimmage situation, it’s very difficult to distinguish star from scrub, particularly at wideout, but the first unit is full of talent. Ricky Marvray earned playing time with a great block on Joseph Fauria’s 60-yard touchdown catch. At tight end, UCLA simply has an overabundance of skill.
Low Marks: Randall Carroll dropped an easy pass and looked down-trodden afterward, although several Bruins rushed to reassure him. The grade would have been higher, but no UCLA player had more than three catches, and Fauria had the only big play.

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  • Anonymous

    The receivers sure talked well in their interviews leading up to the scrimmage, but when it counts a little more, catching the ball CONTINUES to be a problem. Catch some, fall to the ground, that is the UCLA receiving group.