Three for Three with Kyle Bosworth

Kyle Bosworth on what he saw from the offense:
“I definitely saw good things; I saw the running game improve – we definitely have some guys in the backfield. We have some weapons. But also, on special teams, Thigpen was so fast, man. That’s going to be our X-factor right there. I definitely saw some things that were missing last year.

On finding defensive playmakers beyond Brian Price, Reggie Carter and Alterraun Verner:
“Defense is 11 guys, and having a couple good guys who can make those big plays are crucial, but I think we have a really solid defensive front. The whole 11, really.”

On the defense’s progress against a young offense:
“You really can’t gauge – these are your guys, and for two weeks in camp you’ve gone against them. You want to do really well against them, and we have, but I can’t say we have better talent or worse talent than other teams. These aren’t the guys we’re gonna play at USC or Oregon.”

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  • BruinLoser98

    I feel bad for the defeance. It’s like knowing your absenty father, who made a promise to change and be there for you. Only to leave you in the parking lot of a dirty stip bar. That offence is going to disapoint them over and over again. Not all of us had dads like slick Rick.

  • bruinbiochem06

    Learn to spell SUCloser98!

  • Coach Thom

    What is an ‘absenty father’? Why feel bad for the ‘defeance’? Where could I find a ‘stip’ bar? I’m sure the offense won’t ‘disapoint’ the ‘defeance’ too much, unless they spend all day in the nearest ‘dirty stip’ bar with several ‘absenty’ fathers, excluding ‘slick Rick’ of course, because he’ll be coaching a Pac-10 championship team. Insightful comments are always appreciated on this blog, Bruinloser98. Keep trying.

  • Anonymous

    Bravo Coach Thom! Excellent post!