Baca to the Basics

Pardon the awful pun, but here’s what Jeff Baca had to say about…

On his new role as teacher/student:
“It’s not like I know exactly what’s going on – I’ve only had one season and that was eight games. It’s not that it’s brand new, but I learn stuff every day. I’m basically relearning with these young guys so I can teach them again. I want to be more of a teacher this year than a student.”

On offensive line leadership:
“Kai and I are the only ones who have college-game experience, and we are, I guess, looked up to. We’ve been there already, we know what it’s like. We’re hopefully the two leaders in the O-line this year.”

On faith:
“We have a lot of faith in each other and in ourselves, too. We give ourselves credit; we’ve been through a lot together with this camp.”

On five fingers:
“If all five guys are doing their jobs, it’s a fist. You don’t know how this team can be until we start playing some games. Nobody can put a number on their season. Everybody can be optimistic and excited, but how can you put a number on something that hasn’t happened yet.”

On high school two-a-days and the end of UCLA’s session:
“Being an offensive lineman I don’t like to run. I personally like college two-a-days a lot better. I like this, I really do. You get to play football. We’re lucky and we don’t have class right now. We’re just playing football, two times a day. What more can you ask for”

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