• It seemed fair. The thing that makes me crazy is those schedules… Western KY and Ohio U? Are you kidding me? I do love my college football, but it is a very flawed system.

  • Johnny Angel

    UT should be concerned twice over. If Prince does well then it doesn’t look good for them. If Prince doesn’t do well then they will again have to face Mr. Craft.

    If Neuheisel makes good decisions that day the UT game is a win for the Bruins.

  • CAJason80

    Well, to be fair, I could also say that during a recent scrimmage, Jonathan Crompton – UT’s quarterback – fumbled three times during a scrimmage.

    If Kevin Prince is an interception machine, Crompton has hands of grease. That guy couldn’t hold on to the ball if it were superglued to his face. And Crompton’s a senior.