Let’s be Frank…lin

One 60-yard run in one scrimmage does not a season make.
Johnathan Franklin knows that.
He also knows that a four-yard gain can open just as many eyes as a 100-yard touchdown, and he actually puts more stock in the short gains. Anything but backpedalling.
“Any positive yards are good yards,” Franklin said. “Our coach says we’re in the yard-making business. Any yard is a good yard. And any opportunity I have, I’m taking advantage of it. If it’s on the practice field, game field, whatever. I never know how many opportunities I’m gonna have. I’m never going to know when I might get hurt, God-forbid.”
With Christian Ramirez nursing a high-ankle sprain, after hamstring issues hampered him the previous week, UCLA’s other running backs are having a ball having the ball.
Especially Franklin.
“Now I have people coming after me,” Franklin said. “I need to work hard, keep doing what I’ve been doing. Everything has to go 10 times harder. I’m pretty comfortable right now. This is what I came here for. This is what I’m working for. But hopefully this is just the beginning.”

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  • Rico Bruin

    Jon does Thigpen get any reps in practice with the RBs??
    I know he is rather small but that kid has the intangibles!!
    I am hoping they game plan to get him some space touches this season.


  • Ryan

    Jon gold is the new bruin yoda. One 60-yard run does not a season make.

  • Coach Thom

    I love the clever way you write, Jon. “running backs having a ball having the ball.” You’re the spark and the fresh breeze we’ve been waiting for. Keep it up.