Neuheisel On:

On Christian Ramirez’s injury:
“Ankles are iffy things, especially when they get into that definition of high ankle. Those things take a little longer to heal.”

On Saturday’s scrimmage:
“As is always the case when you watch a game tape, it’s never quite as good as you thought it was and it’s not as bad. Kevin Prince, I went home thinking inconsistent and a long way to go, and I watched the tape and it wasn’t nearly that case. I saw a lot of good things. He was unfortunate a couple times, a couple balls he wished he could have back.”

On Damien Thigpen’s chances of playing this season, rather than redshirting:
“I’m leaning toward using him. He’s an impact player. (We’ll use him) any way we can use him.”

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  • BruinChick

    You’re awesome Jon! Keep up the great work!

  • bruinbiochem06

    We need to use Thigpen at least on special teams. Although Austin did a good job last year in kick returns, he didn’t score a touchdown once. Thigpen has that speed to get it done!

  • Coach Thom

    I hope Christian doesn’t go to the tank with his latest injury. We lost one of our most promising O-lineman for good with a similar high ankle sprain. Not an easy injury to get over. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Christian.