Odds and End

Two-a-days are officially wrapped up, and UCLA will enter pseudo-SDSU-prep mode starting tomorrow.
Rick Neuheisel said the Bruins will start installing a game plan over the next couple days, hold a Rose Bowl scrimmage on Friday and head into Sunday’s practice fully ready to play.

The last afternoon session of fall camp was a heated battle between the offense and defense, with players jawing, some pushing and overall high energy. When any defense made a sack – first-team through fourth-stringers – Brian Price screamed, “SACK! SACK!!! SACK!” Exclamation points might not do them justice.

Neuheisel is happy for UCLA’s late school start, which gives his players extra time to absorb the game plan.

“The question is, what will we do with the rest of the way? UCLA’s not in school yet, and we have to take advantage of that opportunity. We need to make sure these young players are getting all these tutoring sessions that are available to them. We have a lot of time to still nail down the concepts.”

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  • Ryan

    hey john,
    In your opinion who redshirts this year and who does not? Seems like mckay, hilliard and pollard are getting reps in the secondary. And in the backfield / return game thigpen is looking pretty strong. I believe it is obvious that carroll will play, but what about marvray?On the d-line tepa appeared to be playing well in the scrimmage. And with keenan’s injury it looks like he will be wearing the scarlet jersey. You don’t have to address hasiak and sua-filo, with them being starters.

  • Ryan

    Jon – Chris Foster reported that EJ Woods was at UCLA’s practice on Monday. Do you know why he was there or why he left UCLA in the first place?

  • UCLA ’64

    Hey Jon,

    You’re doing a great job with the blog. I think the job should be yours permanently if you want it. Are you going to do the weekly Q and A like Brian Dohn did? I really enjoyed that part of the blog.


  • http://www.insidesocal.com/fantasy Jon Gold

    Hi UCLA 64,

    Thanks for the note. Depending on the job situation, I certainly plan to work on Q&A’s, maybe even try podcasting and especially on fan interraction. I truly think that’s what drives this blog; I have been quite overwhelmed by the passion and knowledge of this group.


  • bruindodger

    Hey Jon,

    Got any news on Ray McCallum? How is the recruitment going? He would be a great kid to get into UCLA. Reminds me of Jordan Farmar and sure we can win the Championship with him at the helm.