Bad news for Ricky Manning – or is it good?

From the AP wire:

The Oakland Raiders brought back linebacker Napoleon Harris four years after trading him in a deal for Randy Moss and released cornerback Ricky Manning Jr.
The Raiders made the move Monday after losing linebacker Kirk Morrison to a dislocated elbow on Saturday. Morrison is expected to miss two weeks and the Raiders
needed more depth at middle linebacker.
Harris was a first-round pick by the Raiders in 2002 before being dealt to Minnesota in the
deal that brought Moss to Oakland in 2005. He spent two years with the Vikings before going to Kansas City in 2007. He went back to Minnesota last season and started five games for the Vikings.

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  • Matt A

    Wouldn’t you rather play in the UFL than the dysfunction known as the Raiders? Here’s to hoping he get’s picked up soon, DBs are always in demand.

  • Anon

    I suspect he views this as a positive. It gives him more free time to devote to the important task of administering beat downs to dorks at Denny’s who own and use laptops.

  • PowderKegBlue

    While it is always good to have the Raiders in your rear-view mirror, let’s not forget that he’s trying to make a living playing football and a check from Al Davis pays bills the same as from anyone else.

  • Anonymous

    New post please. I’m bored at work and have loaded the blog probably five times now to read “Bad news…” as the first headline. It gets me to say oh no every time until I realize it is the same post. I need some good news at the top, please.

  • Locoweed 2.0

    Thuggy Manning was a perfect fit with all the thugs at the Raider Nation. Sad to see him go.

  • yes

    Always good to get away from the Raiders.

  • Bruins095

    wow, a trojan fan calling out a thug. Locoweed with another brilliant comment.

  • Reality Chheck

    Why would this be good news? Seriously?