• Three major Vol contributors are questionable for the 9/12 matchup with the Bruins. No mention by BetUs.

    BetUs tells us that the Bruins have no running game and no one is on the horizon to run the rock.

    Three out of four stars that the Vols will cover the spread.

    I don’t think I’ll be subcribing to that service.

    Go Bruins!

    Beat the Aztecs then worry about the Vols.

  • Neu Programmer

    I think we beat Tennessee good. There’s no way Lane Kiffin has them up to speed to beat us by that second game and I think our offense is farther along than we think. The running game is going to be much improved this year.

  • Anonymous

    Betus.com? You give us links to the most obscure sports websites on the net.

  • Bruin Observer & Fan

    ButUs is a joke. They obviously have no observer at practice. I have watched several practices and the Fall Scrimmage. To say that we have nobody to run the ball just shows they know nothing about the team. These betting sites are really a bunch of wankers. Watch out for Coleman, Franklin, Knox, Thigpen, Ramirez (if he’s healthy) and Thigpen. I love that UCLA is under the radar this year. This will make it more enjoyable to know that the dorks at BetUs lost thousands of $ betting against us.

  • bruinbiochem06

    Jon, can you give us an update on Hasiaks shoulder injury. When is he expected to return.

  • gubon13

    They’re not that obscure – I get a packet from them every other month. Could have saved 2 California redwoods by now with the amount of paper they’ve wasted on me…

  • pr