Thanks, reader

I got this story sent to me by a reader, and it’s pretty interesting.
Folks back in Virginia are still wowed by Damien Thigpen’s blazing speed.


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  • Anonymous

    Damien Thigpen

  • SBBruin

    hey jon…I’m not seeing the link…

  • Anonymous


    Where’s the link?


  • captainqtp

    Was “Damien Thigpen” supposed to link out somewhere? I’m not showing a link there (Google Chrome).

  • Anonymous

    Not sure if it was fixed or you guys are missing it but the word Story at the end is the link to:

  • bruinbiochem06

    How awesome would it be if Thigpen returned a kick for a touchdown against Tennessee! I say CRN gives him a shot for that game.

  • Anonymous

    I never thought about that, but giving Thigpen a chance to stick it to Tennessee would be incredible.
    I keep having to remind myself that we’re extremely inexperienced and will have growing pains this season. But I’m just so excited. BRING ON SEPT 5TH!

  • Kiffin is a D BAG

    I really hope Thigpen hurts tennesse BAD. Kiffin made a huge mistake. It won’t be his last either…

  • Fan4Life

    Everyone should be thanking Lane Kiffen. A terrific player fell to the Bruins.

    If anything, Lane should send more speedy players over here. UCLA will take a few linemen as well.

    Lane hired a lot of former UCLA coaches when he was with the Raiders: Tom Cable, Brian Schnieder, Kelly Skipper, and Don Johnson.

    We can thank Tennessee for Norm Chow (fired by Titan’s coach Jeff Fisher) and now Damien Thigpen. šŸ™‚