Looking Up with Randall Carroll

Freshman wide receiver Randall Carroll has effectively earned his spot in the wide receiver rotation.
He is thankful for the potential playing time.
He is more thankful to be learning the position under Terrence Austin and Taylor Embree.
“As young guys, we’re all hotheaded,” Carroll said. “If something happens, we snap. The older guys show us how to hold our composure, how to work in pressure situations. Two-minute drills when you’re tired, keep working. Don’t talk to the defense; let them talk all day to us. They lead by example, and say, ‘Stay quiet and just show by your play on the field.'”

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  • Burbank Bruin

    What an impressive individual.

  • El Maton

    seems he has turned over a new leaf since his high school days. hopes he keeps maturing but i’ll hold off on the complete praise until i see how he handles the normal freshman set-backs that happen thru the season.

  • Tha Phantom Menace

    El Maton, did you know Carroll in high school? Was he a trouble maker, hot head, a kid who got into fights, got kicked out of games, was disciplined by coaches… what is the new leaf he has overturned?