Hitting the Playbook with Kevin Prince

Labeled “inconsistent” by head coach Rick Neuheisel after UCLA’s last scrimmage, Kevin Prince is not changing anything up heading into tomorrow’s scrimmage.
“It’s the same as always; control the huddle, make sure we’re in and out,” the redshirt freshman quarterback said. “Coach Chow’s focus on this is game mechanics, making sure we’re in and out of the huddle. Make sure we get the plays right and the formation set up. It’s about not making any mental mistakes.”
And it all starts with the playbook, Prince said.
“It’s a lot to take in, especially for a quarterback because you kind of have to know what everyone is doing,” Prince said. “It’s a lot of studying. But it’s not like I’m studying history or math. It’s studying football, which I love to do.”

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    This is really something, two true freshman starting at quarterback for ucla and SC.

    Problem is that first year qbs usually fare poorly in the Pac-10, and ucla is about a 7-point underdog at Tennessee and SC about 4-points to Ohio State. Tough beginnings for both the L.A. schools.

    But all the talk, and there’s been a lot, will soon end and we will see how all this plays out.

  • so west Coast

    damn son…anyone here get the sense that old petey carroll is tryin to hustle somebody here?

  • theuclan

    tired of hearing that prince is still trying to grasp the playbook?!!!! he’s been in the program for two years now – he should know it front & back!!!!