Throwback Thursday: Chris Joseph

Here’s what we know about Chris Joseph: He is much smarter than me.
He is also a much better athlete, much more composed, and all-around cooler.
This interview might not have been such a good idea. I’m downright depressed now.
Just one chat with the soon-to-depart Rhodes Scholar, and I wish I had the chance to cover him when he started for UCLA for three years (2005-2007).
In September, Joseph leaves for Oxford University in England to begin his masters in geography, focusing on biodiversity and conservation.
Meanwhile, I know the 50 state capitals.
“The interviews were in November of last year, so from the time when I found out I won until now, it’s been almost a year,” said Joseph, who attended UCLA’s practice on Thursday along with Pat Cowan. “For a long time, it was kind of just hanging off in the distance. Now it’s a reality. I have my passport and my visa. Working on getting my bank account over there. I’m ready to do it.”
He understands that there will be an adjustment, even beyond the weather.
He is prepared.
“Lifestyle, culture, social conventions, everything is going to be a huge adjustment,” Joseph said. “I’m going to be me, regardless of what happens. I’m going to adjust, tweak a few things to make sure I don’t ruffle anybody’s feathers. I don’t want to be on anybody’s watch list, become somebody’s enemy.”
That should not be an issue whatsoever.
Joseph is a composed man, a fantastic student – he carried a 3.95 GPA at UCLA – and he is eager to experience the world for the first time.
“I’m not much of an international at all. I’ve never really been anywhere, to tell you the truth,” Joseph said. “I’ve been places, but never really seen them. I’m a West-Coast guy. But I’m open minded and I’m always in to trying new things. I’m excited and open for anything that can happen over there.”
Meanwhile, on the home front, Joseph expects big things from his former teammates.
“They’ve got a lot of new guys, and I think it’s definitely going to build on last year. At least they have the foundation set,” Joseph said. “It’s not new to anybody yet. They have a lot of new guys playing, a ton of new talent, and those seniors are going to be leaders. I have high hopes; I can’t say they’re going to the Rose Bowl, but I think they’ll do well.”

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  • BruinFaithful

    3.95? WOW!!!! And that’s without AP grade bumps. He must have gotten like one B. Isn’t that good enough for Valedictorian or Salutatorian? A- is 3.7, A is 4.0, and A+ is 4.3, right?

  • I wish I had those grades…but I have been to Oxford. I’d happily trade.

    Nice work Chris! Bundle up and enjoy the isles.

  • Peter


    There is no extra point for an A+ at UCLA, so A+ = 4.0. 3.95 is pretty amazing!

  • La Femme Bruin

    Wow that’s awesome. What a great representative he is for UCLA and a true STUDENT Athlete.

    On another note, Pat Cowan!!! He’s one of my favorite former Bruins! Along with MJD, Bruce Davis, and Khalil Bell. Love those guys.


    Hey man thanks this is awesome. Just wanted to request one thing for this season. Last year Dohn would let us submit questions to him and he would choose 10 of them and ask them to a certain player. He would post it on Monday I think to submit questions and name a player, then he would post the interview on Wed or Thur… That and the QA were the best part of this blog last year… And the live in Game Chats….

    All This plus what you add man and this year is gonna be awesome!!! Thanks Jon!

  • cerritosbruin

    fo-cussing? Watch your mouth Mr. Gold! Hahahahahaha!

    I’m loving this blog more and more with you at the helm. Over time, I’m sure you’ll get deeper into the recruiting world and report what’s going on on that end of the UCLA athletics coverage.

    Kudos on a wonderful job so far!

  • TruBruin

    The player questions were alright and had entertainment value but lets get one thing perfectly clear. The Q & A
    is often one of the most painful experiences there is on this blog. Posters asking 8 consecutive lame hypothetical
    questions is not enlightening.Take over the Q $ A Jon and make up some of your own rules like how many questions 1 Tool can ask or actually making people sign in to post on your blog. I mean, don’t you feel a bit silly responding to an Anonymous poster. Dohn allowed anons because he became addicted to his success and felt his hits would go down if he required a sign in
    I disagree, especially when $UC has to sign in on their blog, which means we have to have a sign in over there as well. On our blog those SUC Trolls get to create b.s. names and anon comments…………END THE ANONS!!!!

  • Anonymous

    TruBruin you are a true idiot. What would signing in prevent? They require you to sign in with wolf and on scout and yet look how many stupid posts there are. Do you know how easy it is to create an account to flame on?

    Signing in is just an annoyance, I have an account here and choose to never use it. Just what I need another password.

  • anonymous

    I know it’s almost football season but where’s the love for Cody Decker. Arizona League MVP.

  • Different Anonymous

    Sure you can login to flame, but at least when logins are required, readers can start to recognize the trolls and *know* who to ignore without reading their comments.

    As far as having another password goes, are you still using Netscape or something? Every reasonably current browser I know will offer to remember your login and password for you.

  • Original Anonymous

    Different Anonymous I see you didn’t feel like logging in either, somewhat ironic. No I have firefox and it did remember my password while Dohn required it until I cleared out my passwords and things after a while. I have not had a reason to sign back in since.

    I didn’t realize it was so hard to read a sentence or two before deciding to ignore. I just don’t think that logging in really stops any flaming and I don’t think it would improve the quality of the questions in the Q&A.

  • Different Anonymous

    Are you sure you’re the Original Anonymous or the 2nd anonymous? Gets a little confusing, doesn’t it?

  • Original Anonymous

    Not really confusing at all, I bet you can figure it out. Nor do I truly care to have an ongoing conversation about it. If I did I would sign in. Then I could hang out all day and converse with my internet friends.

  • BruinFaithful


    Are you sure? When I went to UCLA a B- was a 2.7, a B was a 3.0, a B+ was a 3.3, an A- was a 3.7, and so on and so forth. Has this changed?

  • We miss Dohn

    Hey Jimmy Olson,

    I know you’re not gonna give us the straight scoop like Dohn did, but even bearing in mind your admission that you’re a lifelong UCLA student wannabe, for goodness sake, please cut down on some of the more embarrassing jock sniffing.

  • Anunimuss

    You tell him, original anonymous. “Different” anonymous has always bugged me with his “differentness.” If you’re going for anonymity, why try so hard to be so “different”?

  • Anonymous


    That is correct, but it’s capped at 4.0. There is no extra GPA credit for getting an A+.

  • Jewin

    Hey “We” miss Dohn,

    Speak for yourself (and go back to the suc blog where you belong).

  • Boston Bruin

    Chris embodies the term, STUDENT ATHLETES. ‘nough said!

    Not to step on Chris’ justified glory, but the up and comer is Alterraun Verner – a math major!