Scrimmage Stats



Kevin Prince—— 8-12–69 yards, one interception, no tds

Kevin Craft——-3-6–26 yards, no interceptions, one td

Richard Brehaut–2-4–37 yards, no interceptions, no tds

Nick Crissman– 1-3–27 yards, no interceptions, no tds

Rushing (leaders)

Johnathan Franklin—-5 carries for 32 yards

Milton Knox————-6 carries for 7 yards, one td

Derrick Coleman——2 carries for 2 yards

Damien Thigpen—–5 carries for 33 yards and one td

Demetrius Papadakis–4 carries for 35 yards and one td

Craig Sheppard—-5 carries for 12 yards

Receiving (leaders)

Taylor Embree—- 3 catches for 11 yards

Ryan Moya—-2 catches for 19 yards

Morrell Presley – 2 catches for 36 yards and one td

Antwon Moutra – 2 catches for 37 yards

Jerry Rice – 1 catch for 27 yards

Scoring Plays

Presley 15-yard pass from Craft

Knox one-yard run

Thigpen 15-yard run

Papadakis 17-yard run

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  • This is the second time I haven’t seen Carroll’s name among receivers. Are they not throwing to him?

  • Hey anon,

    JR Jr. is a talented, albeit undersized, walk-on. He has fantastic hands and seems to have a great work ethic, but I doubt he cracks the rotation. He’s one of those classic tweener players, probably not big enough to get major time, but certainly good enough to get on the field.

    I could see him earning time at some point, though.

    Thanks for the read,

  • Anonymous

    This is the first I’ve heard about Jerry Rice Jr. How does he look? Think he’ll make the rotation this year? Does he have his Dad’s work ethic?

  • Anonymous

    Since there’s a possiblity of Brehaut redshirting, is there any chance of Crissman being the #2 or #3 on the depth chart? Everyone says he looks great, especially since he had his surgery. Is there a possibility that it will more likely be Craft? He also seems to being great this year, or at least better than he was last summer

  • Anonymous

    How do our walk-ons look? Do any look like they’ll be good enough to contribute this year or next?