Scrimmage wrap-up

As final scrimmages go, UCLA’s final solo dance was efficient if not uneventful.
Heach coach Rick Neuheisel did not expect to gain much by way of immediate satisfaction, choosing to run the first-team defense against the second- and third-team defenses, and vice versa. Today was more about giving the respective first units the looks they would see against San Diego State, rather than providing a punishing workout.
The day did, however, end on a good note, as walk-on freshman running back Demetri Papadakis carried the ball three times on the final drive for 34 yards, including a 17-yard TD run in which he broke three tackles.

More to follow, with a lot of interviews. Stay tuned.

Thanks, Jimmy Olsen, err, JG

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  • BostonBruin

    Where’s Petros?

  • Rico Bruin

    Jon if we come out of this healthy, it was a success!!!!!



    A Papadakis at ucla?

    What’s next, a Neuheisel kid walking on as an SC quarterback in the near future?

  • Anonymous

    Hahahaha Jimmy Olsen…

  • Coach Thom

    Look…up in the sky! It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s…Jon Gold foolishly forgetting that Clark Kent, NOT Jimmy Olsen, is superman. Look! Down in the street! It’s a crumpled, bloodied, shattered junior journalist…but he’s ours, and we love him. xxxx

  • Hey Thom,

    Actually, the Jimmy Olsen reference was in regards to a previous poster’s comparison to the young pup journalist.