Slick(hands) Rick

Freshman wide receiver Ricky Marvray had a tough day on Friday.
On one play, he muffed a punt, gobbled it in the end zone and, rather than take the touchback, ran it back out.
Then he fumbled the ball.
A coach then chewed him out.
“What was the first thing you did wrong? What was the second? What was the third? Now you know. That’s why we’re out here. … Now give me 25 up-downs.”
To Marvray’s credit, he did not hang his head low, and was eager to get back on the field, though he would add another fumble and a dropped pass.

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  • BruinFaithful

    Not good. I guess he just got dropped out of the receiver and return rotation. How can this kid expect to play with so many mental mistakes?

  • Anon

    Pull his ride

  • northbaybruin

    Jon, great coverage of the Bruin football scene. Almost like being there. Thanks much !

  • Fan4Life

    Really don’t think there is going to be a KO/PR rotation. Last year, Terrence Austin handled both PR and KO duties near exclusively (setting UCLA records) and led the team in receptions. There is nothing indicating he can’t do so again in his last year of college ball.

    Marvray will be fine. He probably had some lingering “freshmanitis.”

  • Anonymous

    I thought “Slick Rick” was Neu’s nickname.

  • Coach Thom

    Marvray is a freshman. Please cut him some slack. He will be a great Bruin.

  • Anonymous

    Marvay will be fine and like his work ethic. He will use this as a learning opportunity.

    As for Jon, using “Slick (hands) Rick” as a play on the demeaning name given to UCLA head coach is not really funny, thoughtful, or appreciated.

  • Anonymous

    Jon, I’ve been impressed with your reporting since Brian left, but really, if you were intending to use the monicker ‘Slick Rick’ as a joke referring to our head coach, that is really classless. However, if you didn’t mean that, for future reference, that term is used by losers who want to demean our head coach for participating in a march madness pool while the coach across town skates by without a single action by the ncaa even after bushgate, etc. Head coach Neuheisel has re-igited the fire and passion across the Bruin football community, and it’s time we move on from stupid labels that do nothing but make people sound like little babies. Thanks.

  • Anon,

    The Slick(hands) Rick moniker was a playful jab at Ricky Marvray on Friday, not Neuheisel.


  • Jay

    Sorry Jon, but you totally put a true freshman on blast! Wow…

  • rise_above

    relax, the slick hands moniker is fine. A little sensitve, are we? Ricky will be fine, too.

  • cv

    Drop the ball is what true freshman do.